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Mozaika metodik a indikátorů udržitelného rozvoje

Mozaika metodiky a indikátory
udržitelného rozvoje


City’s unemployment rate

základní informace

Hlavní indikátor v metodice:
Popis dat: Unemployment shall refer to individuals without work, actively seeking work in a recent past period (past four weeks), and currently available for work. Persons who did not look for work but have a future labour market stake (arrangements for a future job start) are counted as unemployed (International Labour Organization). Discouraged workers or hidden unemployed shall refer to persons who are not actively seeking work because they believe the prospects of finding it are extremely poor or they have
restricted labour mobility, face discrimination, and/or structural, social, and cultural barriers – are not counted as unemployed or as part of the labour force. Not actively seeking work shall refer to people who have not taken active steps to seek work (i.e. job searches, interviews, informational meetings etc.) during a specified recent period (usually the past four weeks).
Zdroj dat: ILO, MPSV, ÚP
Definice a metodika stanovení indikátoru:
Labour Force shall refer to the sum of the total persons employed and unemployed who are legally eligible to work
The unemployment rate is considered one of the single, most informative labour market indicators reflecting the general performance of the labour market and the health of the economy as a whole. It is used to measure a city’s unutilized labour supply and track business cycles.  
A city’s unemployment rate shall be calculated as the number of working-age city residents who during the survey reference period were not in paid employment or self-employment, but available for work, and seeking work (numerator) divided by the total labour force (denominator). The result shall be multiplied by 100 and expressed as a percentage.
Interpretace indikátoru: When economic growth is strong, unemployment rates tend to be low and when the economy is stagnating or in recession, unemployment rates tend to be higher.